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The parks and gardens of Parker will all undergo a change once the fall season comes. The once green and luscious trees will start to go bald as they begin to shed their leaves during this particular time of the year. The dead leaves on the ground make for some great scenery at parks and public gardens, but the same can’t be said for your own backyard at home.

These dead leaves can be real trouble and cause your lawn to become suffocated. The best thing to do here is to have them removed, and no one does it better than LoneTree Landscaping. Our lawn techs will work hard to remove most of the leaves scattered all over your lawn while you just sit back and relax.  

Not just for the Fall season.  We provide a raking service/removal for any type of debris on your lawn.  Good for extra-long grass.

Let us shape your landscape presentation into the focal point of the area. We can take your ideas or give you suggestions on how to make your yard’s landscaping just gorgeous.

We can install pavers, spread landscaping rock, install berms, transplant or seed grass, plant great new plants, bushes, trees. cut and fertilize your lawn, and even aerate in the spring and fall.

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